Mobilizing Americans to advocate  for the enduring 

U.S. – Europe partnership

Our Story

US-Europe Alliance (USEA) is a bipartisan American organization educating and mobilizing citizens of the United States to advocate for the enduring strategic and economic alliance between the U.S. and Europe. USEA is the voice of Americans who recognize that their interests lie in a strong transatlantic alliance. Established in 2019 USEA is a non-profit 501(c) (4) organization.

The 21st  Century will be defined by either the free world, sustained for over a century by the United States and our European allies, or the autocratic leaders of unfree nations increasingly led by China. The ties that bind the transatlantic community are born of our shared interests and values. Together the U.S. and Europe comprise the world’s largest economic block and security alliance, fostering unprecedented prosperity and peace. Now is the time to fortify this partnership with new energy and united purpose. It is only together that we can successfully shape a free, just, and rules-based world.

Through over a century of conflicts, rebuilding, and progress, Americans and Europeans have endeavored hand-in-hand to meet multiple threats to our freedoms and way of life. We are now facing new challenges. The strategic cooperation of the last century cannot be taken for granted. USEA gives voice to the American commitment to our shared democratic values. To ensure our common bonds are sustained through the rigors of the coming decades USEA fulfills a unique role in the American dialogue about relations with Europe.  Through targeted and sustained effort, USEA gets Americans talking about the importance of the American relationship with Europe, and the security and economic benefits it brings to everyone. By increasing understanding about Europe among the American public USEA fosters dialogue with US policymakers, thereby better enabling them to prioritize and support the enduring US-Europe partnership.